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>>> we begin tonight with breaking news in the sudden death of music superstar, michael jackson. more information coming from those search warrants executed in las vegas. we are learning that michael jackson asked a los angeles doctor about the powerful drug propofol months before he died. that doctor said, no way. we will speak with his attorney, live. investigators are, however, closing in on jackson's private doctor, conrad murray. sources confirm he is the focus of a federal investigation. and also tonight, we learn exactly what police were searching for during the los angeles raids on the doctor's home and office. the search warrants suggest that investigators believe michael jackson was an addict. it was revealed that numerous prescription drugs were seized from michael jackson's home. sources confirmed the records of doctors connected to the superstar have been subpoenaed. also tonight, as the legal battle races on over jackson's billion dollar empire, grandmother katherine jackson and bio mom, debbie rowe, reach a custody deal over jackson's children. >> he really wanted
the proximity of the shenandoah valley and the importance of stonewall jackson to this region, the shenandoah valley campaign was one of the most legendary campaigns of the civil war. the very last month of the campaign, stonewall jackson fought four battles, one involved -- preserve the shenandoah valley for the confederacy. legendary campaign, made stonewall jackson a household name. given the stature of this campaign, one might ask why i wrote this book. i wrote it because i was amazed as important as this campaign was, there had not been a balanced study of the campaign ever written. we can use that word fairly in describing this, no work before it. there were only two book sized studies done previously on the shenandoah campaign. it is rather remarkable. more remarkable is the fact, not so remarkable given the iconic stature of stonewall jackson, as his campaign is a household name. this told the story of the campaign exclusively. i can't emphasize enough, exclusively from the confederate point of view, in 1882 by one of jackson's former staff officers. we can imagine how objective that
of stonewall jackson to this region, the shenandoah valley campaign was one of the most legendary campaigns of the civil war. the very last month of the campaign, stonewall jackson fought four battles, one involved -- preserve the shenandoah valley for the confederacy. legendary campaign, made stonewall jackson a household name. given the stature of this campaign, one might ask why i wrote this book. i wrote it because i was amazed as important as this campaign was, there had not been a balanced study of the campaign ever written. we can use that word fairly in describing this, no work before it. there were only two book sized studies done previously on the shenandoah campaign. it is@ú@ú,Ñ,Ñrt!j,Ñ written work. tatter states explicitly in his introduction that his purpose is to tell the story strictly from the confederate point of view. he does that well, looking at his forces, maybe 300 primary sources. this startled me. my initial thought was how can one do justice to a campaign or evaluate jackson's accomplishments in a vacuum from just one perspective. i went into this book with th
>>> breaking news tonight in the sudden death of music superstar michael jackson. as we go to air, we learn exactly what police seize in the vegas raid connected to jackson's private doctor. tonight, the search warrants have been revealed. the documents suggest investigators believe michael jackson was an addict and it's confirmed, dea, lapd and vegas cops on the hunt for evidence connected to the powerful anesthetic propofol. both sides hammer out a custody agreement over michael jackson's children. in the last hours, katherine jackson and debbie rowe announce a custody deal but it's not over yet. the fate of jackson's children finally resolved. the legal battle rages on over jackson's empire, now estimated at 2 billion, with a "b," dollars. >> it's simple when it comes to the children. the will is what it is. it's a will from my brother. that's the way he would have done it. that's the way he did it. >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> do not touch me! >> apparently through this agreement, i'm told she will have visitation rights but will not have custody of these ch
jackson died. the shocking details of the last 60 minutes of jackson's life revealed tonight for the first time. >>> plus, heart to heart. diane sawyer joins dr. mehmet oz in the operating room for a revealing interview with oprah's number one doctor. >>> and man fur. there was a time not long ago when bald was beautiful, but not now. why manscaping is out this summer and chest hair is back in with a vengeance. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. for first time tonight, we have learned what investigators believe are the facts about how michael jackson died. it's a shocking account of his last hours, drug following drug following drug. so many drugs that jackson's heart could no longer take it. in an attempt to get michael jackson to sleep he was given enough sedatives to kill him. mike von fremd reports. >> today court documents, seeking to raid the home office of jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, were released. after weeks of leaks and speculation, for the first time we know the details of what police and the coroner believe happened in those f
>>> the michael jackson search warrant shock. are the feds actually using the word "drug addict?" now michael jackson's chef talking about oxygen tanks, carted out in the morning. >>> then this jaw dropper. reports coming in that michael jackson wasn't even in his own bed the day he died. lot to get to here. love to take your phone calls. 1-877-tell-hln. or you can e-mail us or text message your thoughts. start your message with the word "prime." it comes right to us. it's text hlntv. that's the key to unlock you being heard. >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. we have shocking developments unfolding right now in the michael jackson case. number one, drug addict. federal agents used the word "addict" to describe michael jackson in the search warrant. could that ratchet up any charges? new clues from michael jackson's personal chef. she says she saw dr. murray come downstairs with oxygen tanks in the morning. we would love to hear from you. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. joining me to talk about this, kim sarafin and legal analyst from and
>>> tonight, dramatic revelat n revelations about the day michael jackson died from inside his mansion. >> dr. murray screaming, yelling. >> we learn what police say jackson's personal doctor has told them he did. was he taking aisk? >> if you use propofol anywhere but the hospital you are rolling the dice? >> it's russian roulette. >> we know he worked to revive the singer. >> the doctor gave him cpr trying to get him to breathe on his own. >> was it an effort doomed to fail? >> you need more than cpr? or was the pop legend's death years in the making? hear what insiders tell us. >> there were several times i had to literally carry him back to his hotel room and put him in bed. >> did michael jackson have to die? and will anyone face charges? exclusive details on michael jackson inside the final hours. >> she is the person that you see that you would want to be. >> they were a gorgeous couple. >> fame, power, money. >> he was football royalty. she was expecting their first child. >> the baby was moving, and she said, come and feel my tummy. >> he felt happy. just being with he
superstar, michael jackson. as we go to air tonight, we obtain private home video of michael jackson and his children. all the intimate moments. michael jackson playing with his children, singing, dancing, even more. tonight, seen here for the very first time, we have the entire video, and it is released just hours after grandmother, katherine jackson, gets permanent custody of michael jackson's three children. >>> prince, i wish for you to learn about perseverance and confidence and the true meaning of success and just love. and to know you can reach any goal that your heart desires. totally up to you. you can do anything you want. and i love you. thank you. >> thank you. >> prince. ♪ ♪ blessing ♪ when you lay me down sleeping ♪ ♪ my heart is aching ♪ because i'm sleeping ♪ one for all help ♪ one for all >> where's your rhythm? come on. ♪ wishing you well >> daddy, thank you for my birthday cake, and i love you so much, and, and, and -- i love my daddy so much. you're the best daddy in the whole world. >> i love you more. i love you too. why don't you stand back with paris
jackson homicide. this is a fox news alert. >>> last night you heard the pop star's father joe jackson live on the program. he wasn't live. he was live to tape on this program raising some provocative and troubling questions and making incendiary charges principally against aeg the promoter of that i will add advised 50 concert tour in london he told us he was afraid for his life and dr. conrad is likely to be indicted foreman slaughter was a stooj for those really responsible. >> you think somebody murdered michael and is trying to pin i on conrad norton? >> carrying out orders. in further conversations today joe jackson says one of the reasons the family feared for michael's life was his isolation. according to joe in the last weeks and months of his life aeg ruthlessly controlled the pop star's access to the outside world everything to whom he saw to the doctor who allegedly provided the drug that killed him. here is joe from today. >> what do you think this suggests? >> >> there's more behind this because michael is the type of guy he loved to help everybody, i don't care who it w
gotten off the phone with joe and katherine jackson and they have given me information that i consider explosive, exclusive information that you have not heard before about whom they believe is responsible for their son's death and talk about the issue of whether or not joe jackson really is estranged from category li katt numerous reports that he has been banned from the house in encino and the jackson children are scornful of him and he is being kept away from the grandchildren, about the apparent investigation involving dr. conrad murray and his apparent imminent indictment. there is amazing stuff coming down the pipe. i'm getting it all organized and i will be bringing you the beginning of it in the next five or ten minutes but i want to begin with the stunning but controversial success of the governments it cash for clunkers campaign which rewards car buyers with up to $4,500 in free money when they trade in their old gas guzzlers for new smaller fuel efficient vehicles. so popular is the particular stimulus program that it has spent its entire billion dollars budget in just the f
the unbelievable way the driver ended ul that. welcome to hln "news and views." michael jackson's doctor could face criminal charges now that the los angeles coroner's office has concluded the singer died of an overdose of propofol. the findings are preliminary. according to the 32-page report dr. conrad murray told police he was treating jackson for insomnia for about six weeks. he gave jackson the sedative known as diprivan to help him sleep. that led the coroner to rule his death a homicide. >> it means legally taking the life of another. it means michael jackson did not die of natural causes. he was not a suicide. the government concluded that someone else killed him. there are a wide variety of charges within homicide. intentional homicide, you can get the death penalty for. negligent homicide is a much less serious crime. it's an unintentional negligent killing. certainly he seems to be in that end of the spectrum. no one seems to suggest that conrad murray intentionally killed jackson. >> murray told investigators he was trying to wean jackson off the propofol. he lowered the dosage and used
investigation concerning michael jackson. court documents just into us show the king of pop had lethal levels of the drug propofol in his blood. this is a highly potent drug that's used to knock out patients for surgery. this new information on jackson is based on the los angeles county coroner's preliminary report. the coroner's office gave us no comment on the official cause of death. now, a source close to the investigation has told cnn jackson's personal doctor conrad murray gave him propofol within 24 hours of his death. could he be facing criminal charges and soon? as always, we take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln. let's bring in randi kaye from our sister network cnn. she's been all over this. what do we have in this document? we're really getting a timeline here. >> we certainly are, mike. we have the search warrant here just filed today, just made public in houston. just getting my hands on it going through it. i can tell you as you know the headline out of it is that the coroner's office has determined that at the time of his death, i'm quoting here from the document, toxicology analy
stories. >>> michael jackson's body will be laid to rest on saturday, the day of king of pop would have turned 51. today we know how he died. >>> welcome back bethel ame church. we'll take you to the return of one of baltimore's most popular and famous churches now that they are back in business in their old church. >>> the feds say hurry up with the h1n1 vaccination. some of the numbers are downright scary. that and more coming up. until 7:00 when "good morning america" takes over. >>> in the meantime we send it to justin berk who will take over and tell you all about the weather. >> good morning. 6:31. 65 on the thermometer in baltimore. we got low 50s -- sorry, low 60s and 50s showing up. 59 is at york, pennsylvania. 58 winchester. 64 though crossing to the eastern shore in easton and towards dover, delaware. still 71 degrees in ocean city. we're virtually clear and relatively dry. a little bit of patchy fog this morning but we go out of the mid-60s and quickly jump into the low 80s by lunchtime. this afternoon our two-degree guaranteed high gets us to 88 with realt low humidity. t >>> tonight, hear the questions we want answered. what really killed michael jackson. explosive allegations from court documents just released today. in his final hours, the singer was given one powerful drug after another until the final deadly dose. >> at 10:40 in the morning, the day he died, murray administered 25 milligrams of this propofol to michael jackson. >> will his doctor face criminal charges or was michael jackson ultimately to blame for his own death? >>> tonight, cia agents face criminal investigation for inhumane treatment of suspected terrorists. the big question is, is it national security or dangerous politics? >> it's actually very dangerous to reopen this. >> if people were tortured, if people were murdered, they should be prosecuted, period. >>> also, vacation politics. the white house moves to martha's vineyard. >> this morning the president worked out, played tennis, was going to hit the links today. >> tonight's big question, can the president get away from it all and still get the job done? >>> and tonight's "newsmaker," the blogger suing google for revealing her
? >>> randy kay on a break through in the michael jackson custody case and growing questions about the jackson fortune. how much of a fortune is it? dr. sanjay gupta on a major discovery in a war against a disease that kills millions. >>> four decades after their murders horrified the country, what became of charles manson and his twisted followers. we begin with new signs the recession is slowing. they come with a potential price. new taxes possibly for you. will president obama end up breaking a campaign promise not to raise taxes even a single dime on the middle class? this weekend a pair of the president's top economic advisers refuse to rule out new taxes to close the budget gap a short fall that grows the economy in a recession but could hurt it later. your money, your future, your taxes. ali velshi has it covered. bottom line, is everybody going to start paying more in taxes? >> six, even, eight months ago we couldn't get through a night without talking about the terrible things happening in the economy. before we get to taxes let's tet you what is going on. we have good reports. we kno
anher term. >>> final hours. michael jackson's cause of death, a deadly cocktail of powerful sleep aids. now, criminal charges loom for his doctor. >>> and delayed. "discovery" was ready. but early this morning, mother "discovery" was ready. but early this morning, mother nature had other plans. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. president obama takes a break from his vacation this morning, to make an announcement which may have a major economic impact for years to come. >> mr. obama is reappointing ben bernanke as chairman of the federal reserve for a second term. he is given credit for keeping the nation from economic catastrophe during the economic meltdown. >> john hendren has more on this story. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. ben bernanke will be at the president's side this morning as the president makes the announcement from martha's vineyard. the president is expected to say, with bold action and outside-the-box thinking, bernanke put the brakes on the financial free-fall. bernanke's term doesn't expire for anhe
adviser says yes. >>> plus, what happened in michael jackson's house the day he died? this woman, his chef, was there. >> within minutes the paramedics are there and the security is running upstairs, skipping stairs and all of a sudden we are all panicked. what is going on? what is happening. >> why was her name found among the prescriptions that could have contributed to the king op pop's death? i'll ask her live. >>> two police chiefs charged with a crime allegedly b breaking into a home, whose home? the surrogate of matthew broderick and sarah jessica parker. >> i think all the lines have been crossed. >> has the stalking of celebrities gone too far? plus the story behind this picture. why one business woman is challenging president obama to keep his word on health care. wag the finger. >>> and a rock 'n' roll dream come true t. fan called up on stage to play guitar with her favorite band. now she is an internet star. >>> this is your only source for news. cnn primetime begins now. in for campbell brown, john roberts. >>> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. campbell is off tonight. th
in another story this. involves michael jackson. the los angeles county coroner's office says that it did find lethal levels of the powerful drug propofol in the pop star's body. this information was in a search warrant affidavit that was unsealed in houston today. courtney hazlett is the pop culture columnist for she also writes "the scoop." the fact it was a lethal dose, is that the scoop? that strikes us as new. >> there's a lot in here that's new. we have the warrant and affidavit here at nbc, and one of the things that's very striking to me is really the time line of not just the dose of propofol, but the number of drugs that were administered prior to that beginning at 1:30 in the morning the night before michael died. he was given valium. that was followed by at van. that was followed by ver sed, then more ativan, more ver sed and then propofol diluted. the number of different sleep aids we have been talking about how the interaction among those sleep aids could have contributed to his death. the dosages included in this affidavit as well. and exactly what happened t say
." >> this is "world news today." i'm george alagiah. court documents said new light on michael jackson's last hours. a coroner's report says the king of pop had lethal levels of the powerful pain killer in his body. the controversial is really settlements in the west bank, a key issue as benjamin netanyahu begins his european tour. china opposes immediate clampdown as a bbc correspondent tries to investigate the latest case of lead poisoning. >> we were detained by at least 12 police officers, held for a couple of hours. our papers were checked and we were stopped from getting about our business. >> defiant crowds greet south africa's winning athlete, caster semanya, facing a gender test. and we look at some classics of american advertising. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london and 6:00 a.m. and one in texas, when newly these court documents revealed that there were lethal levels of a prescription-only anesthetic in michael jackson's body when he died. reports, so far unconfirmed, said the coroner concluded jackson's death was homicide. though that does not necessarily mean a crime was c
king" starts right now. >> larry: tonight, surprise twist inside the michael jackson court hearing. what does the king of pop's dermatologist want now that the grandmother has the kids? the identity of the children's real father. her attorneys are here with the exclusive details. plus, griffin o'neal's bombshell. ryan's son rips into his dad. those tears at farrah's funeral, he says they were fake. there's more about the drama, the drugs, and the dangerous liaison between ryan and farrah. was it all about money? next on "larry king live." before we meet the attorneys who successfully represented katherine jackson in court today, let's go up on the roof to ted rowlands, our cnn correspondent, who was there, of course. what were the key rulings today, ted? >> reporter: well, a real busy day, larry, starting with the bombshell in the open. dr. arnie klein's lawyer showed up during the custody section of the hearing and said the doctor wanted to play a role in the children's lives. the judge talked to him a little bit and ultimately ruled no. he wouldn't have a standing in this proceed
as the mystery surrounding the sudden death of music icon michael jackson intensifies. it is confirmed. jackson's live-in doctor shoots jackson up with propofol, and then heads into another room to make private cell calls. jackson left to die, according to sources, and lapd tonight stops the release of jackson's final autopsy report. as feds and vegas police raid a vegas pharmacy, where jackson's private doctor obtained the powerful intravenous drug. police executing at least five search warrants on jackson's sleepover doctor, vegas and houston. tonight, after 49 days and nights, jackson's body still kept on ice, no burial in sight. why? and why have there been no charges lodged against these well-healed doctors, pharmacies, suppliers, and the entourage that doped up a dope addict until he died in front of his own children with blood allegedly on their hands. where? where is lady justice? >> dr. murray comes down the stairs to the stairwell that leads into the kitchen, and screaming, hurry, go get prince, call security, get prince. it seemed like he was in a panicked state. paris starts screami
michael jackson. the associated press reports that it may be a homicide. find out the details about his autopsy. >>> also new numbers out about the swieb flu that may have you concerned. why you may want to look at getting your family vaccinated when it's available. >>> one student showed up with a vest full of pipe bombs. >>> first, though, two months after michael jackson died, we now know more in the hours leading up to his death. the l.a. coroner ruled jackson's death a homicide. that's according to a single law enforcement official. the coroner's office has no comment for cnn. l.a.'s report says it was not come from there. the coroner conclude oed that jackson died of a propofol overdose and he was given a powerful dose after that. >> what i also draw from this is he probably was toll lent and potentially addicted to these o substances and even withdrawal which is why he could tolerate doses that could take down an el familiarity. these are truly massive doses of medications. the average person, that would put them to sleep for the rest of the day, no problem. it would stop them in
actos de tortura. >> confirman que michael jackson murió a consecuencia un a anestésico y ahora investigan si se trató de un hombicidio, nuevs imágenes de fidel castron buen estado de salud. >> si quiere alquilar un cuarto hay cierta información que debes de tomar en cuenta. >> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y maría elena salinas. >> ¿qué tal? muy buenas noches la muerde del cannte michael jackson ha sido aclaro da, el famoso cantante murió porque tenía niveles mortales de un poderoso poderoso anestésico así lo confirmó la oficina forense en los angeles. >> según una serie de documentos revelados en houston, texas el médico forense del condado de los angeles descrió un una gran cantidad de a anestésico. así lo reporta el periódico los angeles times, el informe dice que el dr.h@h@ kmurray dijo que llevaba semanas tratando de por corte también revela que dos días antes de la muerte del cantante el dr. murray inyectó otros 2 sedantes a michael jackson en un esfuerzo por desintoxicación a su adicción al medicamento pero que no tuvieron efecto,
>>> tonight, exclusive, who was the real michael jackson? his protege who lived at neverland reveals what she knows about michael's kids, his relationship with other children and the boy named omar, is he the pop star's secret son? then, shark scare. will you go in the water knowing this out there? meet the people who dared to take a dip and came face-to-face with a mouthful of dagers. they survived. and they're here to share their death-defying stories next on "larry king live." i'm jim moret from "inside edition" sitting in tonight for larry king. our first guest is niesha kataria. she is a protege of michael jackson and lived at neverland in 2003. she is an artist in her own right, thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> tell me about meeting michael jackson, how that came about? >> michael jackson's manager got a hold of my demo and listened to my track "i will always love you" originally done by whitney houston. they were sitting in neverland and he played michael my "i will always love you" song. michael said wow, who is this girl? can you call her
this afternoon the los angeles county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a manslaughter. jackson's death was caused by lethal levels of an anesthetic called propofol, that's according to findings by the los angeles chief medical examiner unsealed in court documents in houston, texas, just today. we'll have the latest details in just a moment. >>> plus, terror report. conservatives wanted it kept under wraps. liberals wanted it out, and tonight a cia report on the treatment and mistreatment of prisoners in iraq and afghanistan has been released for all to see. the report reveals that cia interrogators threatened to kill the children of a september 11 suspect. in another case an interrogator allegedly tried to convince a suspect that his mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him. at the same time attorney general eric holder has decided to appoint a special prosecutor to look into possible abuses. this has huge consequences for president obama, who was wanted to avoid prosecutions and concentrate on his domestic agenda. we'll talk to two former members of the cia. about these late
angeles tonight. before we bring you the latest in our continuing michael jackson homicide investigation including an unexpected get this, 60 million baumann sglau. the sans selled. up night the horrible wash in your lies. her teenager died when a small plane crashed into a hill copter. >> the accident flight was going to be a 12 minute big apple tour and the collision occurred authoritily after the helicopter left 30th street. >> you heard how the chopper was rising from the west 30th street heliport that heads down the hudson river which separates new york, thooeter jury. came up behind the do that remember. it was being controlled. it was being handleed by beater purchase ee. there are obligations pilots have all of them to be acare of traffic. any communications. >> we know on board he was playing with his pilot and the mother and teenaged son. we know about the helicopter for five italian tourists including two teen agers wowed with excitement of seeing the big apple in their ear. we we are looking at train to go do pilots and received. any other requirements for operating in the sp
>>> breaking news in the michael jackson case this hour. the pop star's mom is in court battling over control of her son's estate. this just in today. a judge has granted katherine jackson permanent custody of the three children, plus this. a bombshell in the courtroom. attorneys for jackson's dermatologist say he wants to be involved in the kids' education and medical care. dr. arnold cline wants a role in their lives but why? does he think he's the biological dad? this woman is suing her college because she can't get a job. so it's her school's fault. now she wants her tuition back, $70,000. hey, lady, blame the economy, not your alma mater. call in on these topics, 1-877-tell-hln. you can e-mail us or text us at hlntv and start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. >> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. back to break news in the michael jackson case. dozens of lawyers pack inside the courtroom in los angeles this hour as jackson's mother fight
breaking news tonight on the death of michael jackson. the associated press is reporting tonight that michael's delt was ruled a homicide. we'll have all the latest dramatic details. >>> also tonight, the justice department declassifies an internal cia report on interrogation tactics used on terrorists in the bush administration. >>> tonight they're appointing a prosecutor who was assigned if any legal action is taken. >>> president obama gives the go-ahead for a special interrogation unit that will operate out of the fbi and will report directly to the white house. >>> and few less than president obama's cabinet. so who is helping the president tonight? >>> the associated press is reporting that the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst j
they are stronger than you. thanks for joining us. larry interviews jermaine jackson. time now for anderson cooper and "ac 360." >>> we begin with breaking news out of florida. the shocking new motive revealed in a double murder that stunned the country. melanie and byrd billings the parents of 13 adopted kids were killed by intruders dressed like ninjas. our source says the state's attorney's office believes there was more than one motive. the billings were the target of a contract hit the crime was part of a murder for hire plot. sheriff david morgan is respond og to that report. david mattingly joins us with the breaking news. >> reporter: for the first time sheriff david morgan is confirming a murder for hire scheme is a possibility they are looking at. they have been looking at this possibility from the beginning following up on what he called uncorroborated information. all these weeks later they are still working on it and not ready to rule out the billings murder was a hired hit. >> let me state emphatically that at the onset of the billings investigation the escambia s
>>> michael jackson's mother goes to court to make a claim for some control of his estate and finalize plans for his three kids. >>> also -- >> there were people cut, bleeding, people trying to -- there were a few people unconscious. >> turbulence injures dozens of passengers what, we know now about the flight and where it was forced to land. >>> plus, it's a tale of lottery heartbreak, a half a million dollar jackpot literally slips from a florida man's fingers. oh, hate to hear that for somebody, especially in these economic times. i'm christie paul. >>> boy, hello to you on this monday, welcome to hln news and views. first and foremost, talking about katherine jackson and her attorney, who as we speak are in court to battle for some control over michael's multimillion dollar estate. ted rowlands is live from los angeles. ted to clarify, this is not a custody situation, correct? that seems to have been worked out. this is primarily about money? >> reporter: the judge is going to, we expect, rubber stamp that agreement between katherine jackson and debbie rowe. debbie row
jackson as the list of drugs and his final hours are revealed. is it now homicide? fru fears worst-case scenario warns thousands of americans may die from the h1n1 spine through and a special prosecutor for the terror suspects. >>> and saving a father and two girls swept away by hurricane bill. how can you be sure all of the celebrities pitching products how can you be sure all of the celebrities pitching products have actually used them? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. it was two months ago tomorrow the world learned michael jackson was dead and for the first time tonight we now know definitively what killed him with a chilling time line the drugs jackson was given in the final hours of his life. the l.a. coroner concluded he died of a lethal amount of the anesthetic propofol and reports that homicide charge was be coming next. mike von fremd is in los angeles to start us off. good reasoning. >> reporter: good evening. court damages are revealing. michael jackson's doctor said he was trying to wean him off of the potential lethal pain medication but that didn't st
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